Parish Lunch and Meeting

We are hosting a parish potluck lunch and meeting after the 10am Eucharist on Sunday, September 8.

We invite you to join us for the lunch in the undercroft, and then to be with us for the parish meeting that will follow.

Kellan Day Ordained at Grace Church

Our seminarian, Kellan Day, was ordained to the transitional diaconate on Sunday afternoon, March 24, on the Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation. Grace Church has had the honor and pleasure of helping Kellan discern her vocation, and pursue studies leading toward ordained ministry.

While some are called to the Vocational Diaconate, Kellan's call to pursue ordination to the priesthood has been affirmed by our diocese. In our tradition, following the ancient pattern of the Church, those who are to be ordained to the priesthood are first ordained to a transitionary period of ministry as a deacon.

Kellan's future placement in ordained ministry has not yet been determined and we look forward to learning where she will serve as a deacon and then as a priest.

We had about 185 people present for the ordination, with about 25 of them being visiting clergy. The music at the liturgy was splendid, as was the welcoming reception following the service.

A special "Thank You" to Mary Baas and our choir for the special music; to John Chrisman for overseeing the preparation and cleaning of the building; and to Liz Batdorf and our Fellowship Activities and Events Team for arranging and hosting the reception.

Annual Meeting - Sunday, Jan. 27 ~ report

Our 2019 Annual Meeting occurred on Sunday, January 27. The Eucharist was celebrated at 10am, followed by a potluck lunch. The meeting then followed the lunch.

Joe Carabellese, Will Noyes, Casey Quick and Ken Ross were elected to the Vestry. At the subsequent first meeting of the new Vestry, Doug Mohrmann was elected Senior Warden; Ken Ross was elected Junior Warden; Tom Hunnewell was re-elected Treasurer; and Tina Kessel was elected Secretary—Clerk of the Vestry.

Printed Annual Meeting reports from the Rector, as well as from the Treasurer and chair of our Finance Team, will be available at the reception counter at the church on or after Sunday, Feb. 3, or by request to Daniel Baas, our Administrative Assistant.

New Online Grace Church Directory

We are in the processing of initiating a new Grace Church online directory. Please click the CONTACT tab on the home page upper menu, and scroll down to Grace Church Online Directory, for a link to the new directory.

At present, the new directory is being set up, with an initial inclusion of the names of and contact information for Vestry members.

The new directory will contain information on an ‘opt-in’ basis. The Administrators for our new online directory are Gabriella Cuellar-Councell and Claire Olgren. Please contact them if you wish to be included in the new directory. They will then have an invitation to participate sent to you. You may include as much or as little information as you wish.

The new directory will be private and password protected.

We look forward to making this new opportunity for contact and communication available to you.