In the autumn of each year, we participate in an ingathering of gift commitments to Grace Church for the following calendar year. This helps our Finance Team produce a new budget for the parish.

Stewardship is the formal name for the spiritual practice of making decisions about the allocation of our time and energy as well as our financial and material resources. Mindful of how all that we have is a gift from God, we return gifts of thanks to God through the church.

The official standard for giving in The Episcopal Church is the tithe, or ten percent. This church standard has a biblical foundation, and can be put into practice in more than one way. Some calculate ten percent of their after-tax income, while others base their gift commitment on pre-tax income.

We encourage you to join us in supporting Grace Church. As you consider your gift of thanks to God through Grace Church, we would like to share with you how we approach our use of the financial resources available to us.

Our first criteria for anything we do at Grace, and for how we allocate the resources available to us, is this: does it serve our mission? Our mission is to be the kind of church community where every member lives as a disciple of Christ.

Your generous gifts can help us to enhance our ministries and to fulfill our mission, especially as we offer ourselves for evangelism and service beyond our parish.

     For some information concerning Proportional Giving and Stewardship, please click here.

     For a copy of our gift commitment card for 2019, please click here.