Our Autumn 2016 Stewardship Ingathering of gift commitments for 2017 begins on Sunday, October 16. We look forward to sharing with you our vision for the future mission and ministry of Grace Church, and to receiving your gifts of support for our church and its activities. Here is a portion of a letter from our Rector encouraging your gift commitments:

"Each year at this time, we reach out to our parishioners and friends to invite gifts and gift commitments for the coming calendar year. We encourage you to join us in supporting Grace Church as we begin our Autumn Ingathering process. As you consider your gift of thanks to God through Grace Church, we would like to share with you how we approach our use of the financial resources available to us.

Our first criteria for anything we do at Grace, and for how we allocate the resources available to us, is this: does it serve our mission?

We have a parish endowment fund. At present, we rely on it more than we want in order to pay for our programs and activities. In future years, we would like to direct more our available funds in mission beyond our present community and facilities, to the world around us.

We view our endowment as ‘venture capital for the Kingdom.’ With the help of this wonderful resource, we are able to offer the high quality worship and discipleship formation opportunities that we regularly provide. Your generous gifts can help us to move from dependence upon our endowment for funding these ministries, to a future in which we can offer more of our gifts for evangelism and service beyond our parish. Working and giving together, we can do this!

Faithfully yours in Christ

The Rev. Stephen Holmgren, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon), Rector"

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     For a copy of our gift commitment card for 2017, please click here.