Inviting You to A Week of Glory

John’s Gospel tells us that Jesus’ suffering and death have to do with his glorification, and with the glorification of God. Through our identification with Jesus in Baptism, we find ourselves ‘lifted up’ in him as he shares his glory with us. 

We encourage you to think about someone you can invite to join us for worship during the Holy Days ahead ~ perhaps a neighbor, a work colleague or a friend in town. The liturgy of The Episcopal Church provides a compelling experience for seekers. It is also very attractive to those who are looking to deepen their Christian faith through participation in the historic Catholic tradition of liturgical and sacramental worship. The coming week provides a significant ‘evangelistic’ opportunity, and one that is characteristic of our experience of the Christian life.

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: Come, let us adore him!

Our schedule of upcoming services is here:
Sunday, March 25 ~ Palm Sunday at 10am
    - Holy Eucharist with the Liturgy of the Palms
    - followed by Coffee Hour-Fellowship time
    - College and Young Adult Group Lunch

Thursday, March 29 ~ Maundy Thursday at 6pm
    - Holy Eucharist commemorating the events and themes of this Passion Week evening, which closes in darkness with the "stripping of the church" ~ the removal of decoration and sanctuary furniture

Friday, March 30 ~ Good Friday at 12pm, and 6pm
    - Good Friday Liturgy (12pm) with Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, including the Devotion of the Stones
    - Family Service of Devotions at the Cross (6pm) ~ especially suitable for children

Sunday, April 1 ~ Easter Sunday at 10am
    - Festive Holy Eucharist with Baptisms, guest musicians, and the Flowering of the Cross