We are pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Watson to our newly created position of Small Group Missioner. Scott, his wife Jeri, and their daughter, Miriam, have been members of Grace for a few years, and Scott has been a ministry intern this past year. Through prior church small group leadership, as well as his seminary studies, Scott is well qualified to serve in this part-time position.

The title for Scott’s new position reflects our ongoing emphasis on Mission at Grace Church. His work will focus on the development and enhancement of small groups among Grace members and worshippers, and extend this important formational aspect of our church’s mission. We can summarize his principle tasks using four words:

- ENABLE ~ provide vision; suggest themes and resources; and recruit participants in small group ministry

- EQUIP ~ help identify, train and care for group leaders; provide resources for them

- COORDINATE ~ schedule groups and facilitate meeting locations, etc

- COMMUNICATE ~ maintain communication with and between group leaders and participants, and listen for feed-back

Please help us welcome Scott to his new role at Grace Church. Scott is looking forward to meeting more members of the congregation, and especially to welcoming folks into small group participation.

For further insight about our choice to use the word “missioner” for Scott’s position title, please see the article further below.